A modular ComputerCraft emulator

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Near-perfect emulation

A LuaJ error inside the emulator

Built upon ComputerCraft's core, CCEmuX guarantees as accurate an experience as possible.

Highly configurable

The ccemux.json config file

Using the built-in GUI or the CCEmuX config file, you can tweak all aspects of the emulator.

We expose all of ComputerCraft's own settings, as well as options for terminal sizes, alternative renderers, and various plugin-specific options.

CC: Tweaked compatibility

Using CC: Tweaked's websockets

With support for both CC and CC: Tweaked, you can write code for the widest audience, while still having the power to try out new features.


Using the ccemux API to attach peripherals

Attach peripherals, start other computers and open configs, all within CraftOS.

The emu command and ccemux library expose all sorts of nifty functionality, which make the emulator that wee bit more useful.